Freetrade's valuation doubles on 4th fund raise

Launches fourth round of crowdfunding at a £36m valuation

- updated at April 30, 2019, 1:43 p.m.

Freetrade, now trading!

Posted by Relte on April 25, 2019 |

Freetrade's fourth round of crowdfunding launches today... and based on past rounds you better be ready.

Some stats revealed this week form the firm;

Grown to over 24,000 customers with hundreds of people signing up every day.

Pre-money valuation at £36m.

Soft Target at £1m, with a £4m overfunding cap

Previous rounds (and valuations) on crowdcube for Freetrade;

links below have been moved/edited but you can access the 4 rounds here now.




This round pending @£36m...DONE.

Once I have some more details, pitch deck etc. will add to the page.


  • 20190427 - ROUND HAS BEEN CLOSED> opening a new campaign in June with an additional £3 million of EIS available and an additional £2 million in crowdfunding cap Read more
  • BUT! If you still want to invest now at this valuation the you have one week to get in contact with early shareholders are selling shares in a private sale on the same terms as the crowdfunding round: